Artiste, one of our favorite Los Olivos wine tasting rooms.

On one of our first trips to Los Olivos in the Santa Inez area, we came across a one-of-a-kind wine tasting room called Artiste, since that first visit Artiste is to this day one of our favorites. There are several reasons, as an artist and designer the concept of blending two things I love, delicious wines and art, into one cool tasting room is of course high on the list. These are pre-Covid images from our visits to Artiste. Another reason to love this place is that they are dog friendly, Sunny loves the extra treats and pets he gets when we visit.

The tasting room interiors are casual and comfy, look and feel like an art studio, but with a lot of wine! The rotation of the art displayed in the tasting room is another fun reason to go there, it is changing to whatever impressionist artist that is featured on the labels of the latest released wines, there is always something new to discover both in art and wine.

Everyone that works here is super friendly and makes you feel welcome, no matter how large or small your wine knowledge is.

The wines are all blends, each wine is only produced in less than 500 cases with labels of talented impressionist artists. The wines get their name after the title of the painting.

Another reason that makes this an extra fun place to come to is that they invite you to express yourself in painting, sketching, and writing using the materials they supply. Many fun and interesting customers' art are hung on the ceiling in part of the tasting room.

When Artiste releases new wines they have fun wine/art release partys, sometimes as an extra bonus, the artist who created the label is there as well.