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Design Shopping Guide with source links for 2017 Forest River Salem

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

We enjoyed designing and building this RV and were blown away by the positive response we got on this RV.

We used a favorite wood of ours, White Oak, for all the custom built-ins and a neutral color scheme that still has contrast without being stark or choppy.

We put this design guide with shopping links together for our followers as we had so many requests for the items/materials we used. Some items came from Amazon (as Amazon Associates we may earn from qualifying purchases) others from a variety of places we like shopping at.

We hope you enjoy this design guide and please leave feedback in the comments section. Happy Renovating!

Ann, Tom & Sunny

Custom Wood Details

White Oak solid wood and plywood from Conejo Hardwoods and Home Depot

Grey Cabinet Paint

The color is a custom blend similar to Peppercorn from Sherwin Williams

The paint is Benjamin Moore Scuff-X in Semi-gloss

White Trim/cabinet/molding/door paint

The color is Chantilly Lace BM and the paint is Benjamin Moore Scuff-X in Semi-gloss.

White ceiling and wall paint

The color is Chantilly Lace BM, paint Benjamin Moore Scuff-X in Matte

In case you missed it, we also have a YouTube Channel were we upload how-to videos, tips and tricks, if it grows we will do more of those, we hapily take requests on subjects you think we should cover in the videos. Please email your suggestions using our contact email on this website!

Links to our Amazon Storefront and other places we shopped the 2017 Salem renovation from.

As Amazon Associates we may earn from qualifying purchases on links in above post, we greatly appreciate you using our links to make purchases on Amazon as we take the time to put our Design Guides together as a courtesy to you guys, our trusty followers :)

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