Turning ordinary RV's into functional and beautiful tiny homes on wheels.

What is it that fuels you? For us, it’s our love to design, to create and to build stuff, and with stuff, I mean pretty much anything. Then again, that is probably expected when a general contractor marries an interior designer. In our day jobs, we design and build homes, so when we got our first Toy Hauler a few years back it came naturally that we wanted to improve and make it our own. It was my first camper and Tom's 5th....now we are quite a few camper remodels in and we love designing and rebuilding them! We started out remodeling our own campers, travel with them for a bit before we sold them and found a new project. Now we also find campers in need of updating and we do a full remodel for another family to enjoy.  

When we go camping it is mostly throughout California, but we have plans to venture out further and longer.

At RV'ing Dogs and Wine we combine ours, and maybe yours too, passions for design and build, go camping, dogs and wine. We hope you will enjoy checking our site out with the unique swirl of dogs, camping, wineries, and camper renovations and RV's for sale. Chances are if you are still reading this we have a lot in common, read on, enjoy and connect with us! 



2013 Forrest River Wildcat Maxx

This 2013 Forrest River Wildcat Maxx is undergoing a full renovation and will be ready for sale in February 2022, with an option for pre-sale before completion. Email for more information and follow for updates on renovation on our social media accounts.


2008 JAZZ 2780 BH - SOLD

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Thousand Oaks, CA

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