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Camper Kitchen Rebuild - 2007 Thor Jazz fifth wheel

We were totally overwhelmed and humbled by the positive comments and messages we got after sharing our camper kitchen redo on social media. We also got lots of questions about how we did certain things and what materials we used. Here is the progress of the remodel of the kitchen in images with the before, the after, and everything in between pictures. Keep your eyes open for the next post showing the whole camper renovation with before and after pictures.

The finished product, we love how our custom-built cabinets came out. In the before image you can see the not-so-worker-friendly layout, doing the changes we did we got more storage AND more countertop space without adding extra bulk to our kitchen, and we think it looks a lot better too!

The original design looked like this. As you can see the layout was not exactly user-friendly. Two bowl sink where each bowl was small and shallow, the angel made for very odd sections of counter space where non was big enough for a cutting board or dish rack.

The extension was lower and not stable. Lots of unused space above the cabinets.

Main controls were placed in the work area. I can go on and on and ....

Demoed! as you can see we did not save much of the original kitchen...

First cabinet box in place

We used the space above the microwave and gained a big extra cabinet.

The lower cabinets also got a toe-kick in front of the sink so you won't have to lean over to do the dishes.

Cabinetry framework done

And of course soft-close drawers, we gained one extra drawer and got larger drawers

New control location more convenient by the door

The corner that is hard to reach from the kitchen side was turned and used as a shoe rack by the door

Thin lightweight V-Groove Panel from Home Depot on the back of the cabinet, we used this material as an accent throughout the camper.

Painting...takes a long time as anyone that attempted a camper remodel knows.

Glass mosaic tile for the backsplash, the way glass reflects light gives this area a lot of interest and texture without being busy and cluttered, something you want to avoid in a small space like this.

Next up grouting

Custom silverware dividers

Maximized storage under the sink

All complete! We hope you enjoyed following the process we took to rebuild and reconfigure our camper kitchen in this 2007 Thor Jazz, hopefully, we could help inspire you to tackle your next camper remodel project as well!

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