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Design Guide with links for our 2011 Bighorn Renovation

As Amazon Associates we may earn from qualifying purchases on links in this post, we greatly appreciate you using our links to make your purchases as we take the time to put our Design Guides together as a courtesy to you guys, our trusty supporters, and followers.

Please let us know in the comments if we missed anything!

I always struggle to describe my design style and put a name on it, I believe that a space need to fit your lifestyle and not necessarily be boxed into a "style" Hopefully our work inspires you to take the step to renovate your RV or home.

We created the design in the Bighorn design using a blend of clean lines, textures, natural white oak custom woodwork, a soothing blue grey (Wall Street - SW), a clean bright white (Chantilly Lace - BM) in the hallway and bathroom the walls are a light grey (Pelican Grey - BM)

This is a neutral and natural color scheme and it can easily be personalized to reflect your own style with the use of different art and objects.

Paint - Benjamin Moore Scuff-X cabinetry semi-gloss and walls and ceilings eggshell

Flooring - sorry to say but we purchased this flooring at Contractors Warehouse and it is no longer available.


If you are unsure about installing interlocking vinyl tiles (click on link) in an RV shower we have a step-by-step video for how we install them on our YouTube

If you are considering starting to build your own lightweight RV cabinetry (click on link) we have a great video where Tom step by step shows you how to start building lightweight cabinetry.



Living area


Hope you find what you are looking for! Happy Renovating!

Tom and Ann

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31 oct. 2023

Hello! I love that you used real tile for the backsplash. Did you install it like you typically would in a home or did you use a different method?

Ann & Tom
Ann & Tom
09 nov. 2023
En réponse à

Hi, Sorry for the slow response. We installed like in a house and this particular tile, since it has the Zellige tile look. we choose to do no grout.


Robert Barrow
Robert Barrow
17 mars 2023

What a great reno! Thanks for sharing the details and vids. This is truly inspiring!

Ann & Tom
Ann & Tom
09 nov. 2023
En réponse à

Thank you so much! Happy you found the design/shopping guide helpful :)

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