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Toy Hauler Renovation part 2 - renovation process

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

After we demoed our new project, it was time to start putting it back together. We rebuilt and replaced some areas to make better use of the space. The way the sink cabinet looked and functioned didn't cut it so we tore most of it out and rebuilt in lightweight cabinetry. Doing so we gained more storage, electrical outlets and a much more user-friendly vanity area. IKEA has great options for RV renovations, like this ceramic sink we purchased from there. The cabinety got resized to fit the sink but we reused the door and painted it all white.


In the kitchen, the basic layout stayed but we modified some areas for better use. We purchased a nice Furrion stove/oven and a microwave. Luckily the fridge was in good shape and just needed a good clean up.

Since there was no dedicated microwave spot we created one by modifying a wonky corner TV cabinet for one of those ancient TV's in a box. Since we had space left above the new microwave, we created a custom wine rack for 5 wine bottles. The racks are secure enough to leave wine in when traveling, since we enjoy wine tasting its alway nice to have a dedicated spot to put your new wine purcheses in.

Priming and painting took some time, we sprayed the cabinet doors and brushed the cabinet boxes in the same color white. The walls got a couple of coats of paint in a light grey for some contrast to the white cabinetry and wall paper. The wall color we used is called Cornforth White and is from Farrow and Ball.

We made a pattern of the countertops and had Formica countertops and tables made, we did the cut-outs and installation. Formica is a great option for countertops in a camper, light weight, durable and comes in so many options.

Many RV renovators use peel and stick film to cover existing counters....not sure what to say about that apart from that it will probably look good in photos and that's about it.

Once the plumbing and electrical were done, we could install the new stove and stainless 1 bowl sink and get started on tiling the backsplash in a white 3"x12" subway tile from Home Depot. We picked a light grey grout, Platinum, for some added visual texture.

We also used a peel and stick wallpaper in a white/grey wood panel print for some walls.

Wallpaper don't show scuffmarks as much as paint so its a great option by the entry for example. It was fairly easy to install but with the pattern repeat we used quite a bit and had to order 2 extra rolls.

One neat space saving feature we added was to remove the door in the space below the fridge and turn it into a shoe cubby. Shoes usually get scattered inside on the entry floor but this way they have a home to be organized in.

We simply cut the bottom of the cabinet out, framed the opening, and ran the floor into the cubby. The is also a great space to turn into a dog bowl spot.


The same flooring runns throughout the camper, we used a light oak peel and stick plank material from Home Depot, we added extra glue in some areas to make it stick really well. It was not too complicated to install but a lot of tricky cuts had to be done around things we could not remove. peel and stick flooring is a good option if you are on a tight budget. One pro for using peel and stick flooring is that you can pull a damaged piece and replace it with a new piece easily.

Once the flooring was complete we could reinstall the furniture we had reupholstered in a faux leather and commercial grade fabric combo.

Check out our blog post, Toy Hauler Renovation part 3 - The reveal! Before and after photos, to see how it all came out!


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