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Toy Hauler Renovation part 3 - The reveal! Before and after photos

Complete! Here are some before and after photos of this renovation, we enjoyed camping with this toy hauler but traded it in for a 5th wheel to get some more interior space and a

In the sink vanity area, we reused the vanity door but that was about it.

The crazy pattern on the jackknife sofa and dinette sofas had to go, we took them out and had them professionally reupholstered and love the way they came out. We used a commercial-grade fabric and pleather combination.

We also installed a new Ferrion range and made a space for a microwave where the TV used to be. We also replaced the countertops with new Formica counters and did a white tile backsplash with grey grout.

We love the function of Toyhaulers, not only can you bring your big toys but it's also great for bringing bikes, and all the kid toys you want. We went from this toyhauler to a 5th wheel then back to back to a toyhauler that is our current RV.

The queen bed in the "bedroom" was super cozy, we did a peel and stick wallpaper on the back wall and on a few accent walls throughout the camper.

That is about it for this little toy hauler renovation.

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